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90-day Departure Notice

I, (we) understand that this 90-day departure notice is only valid with a month-to-month lease and or at the end of a longer-term Lease informing my Landlord and or Northern Investment Company of Minnesota that we will not be executing a new lease, or extending my, (our) Lease. If this departure notice is to be considered and validated, it must be submitted on or before 90 days prior to the lease auto-termination or auto-resume dates.


I, (we), hereby give 90 days' notice that I, (we) will be vacating the property located at the address listed below.  I, (we) am, (are) the tenant that is written on the lease and is currently inhabiting the property.  I, (we) understand that Northern Investment Company of Minnesota will send me back communication that this departure notice has been received. By sending this departure notice, I understand that according to Minnesota State Law, this departure notice will validate on the 1st of the month following the date that it is received by Northern Investment Company of Minnesota. 


I further understand that my deposit will be returned on the grounds that (1) I, (we) return the property to its previous move-in condition, (2) I, (we) will remain in good standing as to my, (our) account, (3) I, (we) will follow the standard move-out checklist that will be provided to me by my Landlord or Northern Investment Company, (4) I, (we) will meet all the criteria in my, (our) lease and perform a walk-through with my Landlord prior to my departure date.


I have read and understood this departure notice and hereby submit this notice by filling out the questionnaire below and sending it to Northern Investment Company of Minnesota.

By clicking here, your submission will be submitted to

Thanks for submitting!
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