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Rental Application

In order to be considered as a tenant in one of our properties, fill out and submit the application form below.  Each applicant is required to fill out his or her own form and submit their personal data.  Married couples, domestic partners, and co-tenants all must apply. By filling out and submitting the form below, you are agreeing to a criminal background check.  


Once your form is submitted, please email the data to the staff member listed below, or simply mail or hand deliver a copy of the following data to:


Northern Investment Company of Minnesota

IDS Tower

80 South 8th St

Suite 900

Minneapolis MN 55402

  • Drivers License

  • The total number of persons to be living in the home

  • Proof of all income(s) for one full year

  • Your last paycheck stub(s)

  • Your employer's name, your work address and your employers phone number

  • Your employer's or supervisor's first and last name and email address


Please email the above information to:


Mr. Cooper R. Denst

Property Sales

Incomplete applications and or checklists will not be considered.  Please allow 2-5 business days for processing.  You will be contacted by email with the results of your application.

One of our trained staff will reach out to you once your form and data is received. Thank you for considering Northern Investment Company of Minnesota for your rental needs.

By clicking here, your submission will be submitted to

Thanks for submitting!

Note: The income that is reported by a married couple may be considered as one income.  Income from an applicant, a co-applicant or a co-signer will be considered as one income and may not be combined.  The yearly gross income of any applicant(s), plus $3,000 per year, per housed individual, in excess of 2 individuals, shall meet or exceed 4X the listed yearly rental price of the property being considered, in order to validate the application.

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