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About Us

An Investment Company with Our Valued Customers in Mind!

A Minnesota based company, run by dedicated, trained and experienced staff, that delivers dependable customer support and service to their clients.  Northern Investment Company of Minnesota was founded in 2005 and has proved to be reliable, dependable and is trusted by their clientele.  This dedicated team of individuals, who operate this entity has years of experience with Investments of all sorts and is well versed in many financial and industry related fields.  Northern Investment Company of Minnesota continues to grow yearly and has survived the tests of time.  Let us help you with your financial and housing needs.


Our Story

Long ago, we had a vision to operate a business that would generate capital while helping clients, by improving their lifestyles and financial security. In 2005, this dream came true as we invested our first dollar and established a financial goal and investment platform. Many clients and investments later, we find ourselves overwhelmed, with what we have accomplished for our customers, our City, our State, our County and our Company. We are pleased to continue our efforts as we not only keep our investments profitable, but keep our clients and staff satisfied with all our company has to offer.

Meet Our Team Leaders

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