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Financial Assistance

Below are eight contacts available to all tenants that qualify.  Please note that you may or may not qualify for all of the programs listed below, although we are certain that most tenants may qualify for at least some type of assistance.  The majority of these programs are granted, meaning that in most cases, you are not expected to pay these entities back.


The following contacts you will need to CONTACT ON YOUR OWN.  These agencies will only help you if you are being asked to leave or if you need a letter from us proving "Hardship", let me know and we will draft such a document …


1:  Section 8 -  The local website for assistance - - This is a section 8 government program and may be available to you and the home you live in.  THIS IS THE HRA.  Allow us to assist you in getting more information on this BEFORE you consider this direction for assistance.


2:   SEMCAC has financial assistance programs for rental assistance for customers who have fallen behind and have delinquent accounts with their landlords.  You may contact Melinda Levine at 507-451-7134 for information and how to apply. 

SEMCAC also has Heating Assistance for Gas and Electricity. Visit or stop at the West Hills Complex on State St in Owatonna.  You can call the program administrator at 1-800-944-3281.  

3: Owatonna Public Utilities has various programs available too numerous to mention here.  There are many ways this organization can assist with payments and or offer reduced rates depending upon your situation.  You can contact Owatonna Public Utilities at 507-451-2480. Ask for Megan.  She has a lot of valuable information and is a very kind person.


4:  The Salvation Army may help with late rent or other donations.  I do know that their yearly budget is stressed at the end of every year, however, it renews every year on Jan 1st as best as I recall from the past.  Their phone number 1-800-842-7279.  Please call them and see what they can offer you in case of need.


5:  St. Vincent De Paul, from St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, may be able to help you with Utilities or Rent payments if you can show that you are in trouble.  Their number is 507-676-5508.  Simply explain your hardship and they are very good about taking you by the hand and showing you the way.


6: MN Prairie County Alliance is the local help from Steele County.  They have programs available to Steele County residents that are in need of short-term or long-term assistance.  Their contact phone number 507-431-5600.


7:  Owatonna Food shelf / Community Pathways has helped those who qualify.  They consider income versus the number of people who live with you, children, monthly overhead, and the such.  Their contact number is 507-455-2991.


8:  South Central Human Relations Center. Their phone number 507-451-6630. Apply for the Bridges Program Grant money from the State of Minnesota.  Talk to Ghassan Madkour.  He is the housing manager in Owatonna.


If there is anything further that I can assist you with, let us know and I’ll be happy to assist in any way possible so that we can continue our professional relationship.


Contact Larry R. Price


Northern Investment Company of Minnesota

Corporate Office / Financial Assistance Division

PO Box 466

Owatonna MN 55060


Phone:  612-349-5252

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